Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Swift Family Reunion 6

Our next activity was a barbacue at Talitha and David's house.

The food was really great.  We had ribs and hamburgers and sausages and all kinds of great side dishes that Talitha and David put together.

 Now the interesting part of this, we had to meet at a nearby park first.  See Evan, Mallory and Andrew waiting for directions on how to find our needed utensils, drinks, chips, etc.  We got a map and coordinates and broke up into teams and we had to use our GPSs like in geo-caching to find different places to get the stuff before we could eat.

I didn't get any pictures of us out walking the streets looking for things but some at the park before we left.  Joshua with some of the little kids.

 Jacob on the slide.

Then we got to have our barbacue.  Here's Doranda and Bob with Tucker, Penelope, Scarlett, and I think James joining in.  You can also see Layne at a different table and Amery.

The table I sat at with Isaac and Kim on the patio.  They have a really great back yard for a barbacue.

Amery with Evan and Ashton.

Then we had a surprise visitor.  It was the Sub Zero Man.  He made custom ice right in front of us using dry ice.  We picked our type and topping and he made the ice cream.  It was fun.  I had fudge ice cream with M&M topping mixed in.

It was so good I think we all ate too much.  And the last picture one happy little girl.

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