Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life in the Philippines

We opened our own hot dog stand here in the Philippines at the mall in San Jose Del Monte.
 We thought it might be a hit with the local Filipinos.

 We use fresh goat meat fresh from the nearby road side stand.

 Chicken of course.

 And pigs.  We find these small ones routing around in the garbage piles alongside the road.  To get a feel for how small there are, those are coconuts on the top of the pile.

 Joke lang.

 They really have started the Christmas season out here.  The sisters made snow men at this Relief Society Activity.

 Sister Swift put up two trees in front of the house.

Here's a closeup.  She spay painted the trees silver and hung Christmas balls.  Quite pretty.

One of the Bishops in a different Stake has a shop where they make products to sell from Carabao (water buffalo) horns.  He gave us a tour of his workshop.  This is the bishop by one of the stations in his shop.

 Another station inside the shop.

 One of the employees hard at work grinding or polishing a piece of something.  Do not ask me how how he could see and he wasn't wearing any goggles, gloves or hard shoes.  But the bowls and spoons and belts and things they make are quite beautiful.

 Another station that was partially outside with a lot better ventilation and light.

 The CR.

In Angat we ran across the Ten Commandments carved in stone in Tagalog.  Cool.