Monday, May 1, 2017

Graduation for Amery and Caleb

Caleb and Amery both graduated from Brigham Young - Idaho last month.

 It's not every day you have a son and a granddaughter both graduating from college at the same time.  Caleb finished his degree in Mechanical Engineering and Amery a degree in Nursing.

 Caleb with his proud parents.  We're glad we got home just in time to go to the graduations.

 Here we are a a restaurant prior to the graduation.  From left to right, our daughter Talitha, granddaughter Amery, her mom Tianna (our oldest daughter), Amery's little brothers Ashton, Evan and James, our son Caleb, Amery's father Jim, and Jacquelyn.  I was taking the picture.

 Here's a picture of Caleb receiving his diploma at BYU-I.  Unfortunately they were doing Amery's ceremony at the same time in a different building so we couldn't be at both at the same time.

 Caleb, now an official Mechanical Engineer.

Congratulations Caleb (and Amery).  Hooray.