Monday, November 28, 2016

Book of Mormon

Sister Swift set a goal for the Young Women in our Branch to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover this year.

 These are two of the first Young Women to finish, Micalyn and Hazel.

 We went to the temple one morning.  Tis is Elder Bremner who is one of the new Senior Missionaries from Canada.  After going to the temple we went to the Mission Home and had a Thanksgiving dinner with the other Senior Missionaries.  Sister Bertin cooked a delicious turkey and everyone brought some side dishes.

 They have Christmas decorations up at the Manila Temple, including these statues  depicting a nativity scene.

 Indoors at the mall by our house they put up this winter ice house display that is really pretty.

 They also have a tiny little ice rink set up.  Most of  the people we've seen willing to try it mostly just hug the walls.

 One day we helped a member of the Branch go and get some surgery from this charity, Deseret Cranio Facial Foundation.  She has been tongue-tied, where her tongue is not loose from the bottom of her mouth, since she was born.

 Inside I liked this wall mural that was painted by some US Marines that come by periodically to help out.

This is the doctor that did the surgery for free.  She let Sister Swift come in the operating room and watch.  The surgery was a success and the doctor said her tongue is now like normal, except the muscles aren't developed in her tongue so she will need to exercise them. She will be able to swallow and eat better and probably improve her speech.