Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Variety of Activities

We had so many different things going on this past week and a half.

One of the things we started doing was going around to different families and having Family Home Evening with them.  This is our first one, at Sister Letie's house.  She had some of her children and grandchildren over too, and the missionaries showed up.  They taught the lesson and we did the game and refreshments.  Sister Swift made brownies.  Here we are playing "Don't Eat Pete" only we called it "Huwag Kainin Si Pete".  They really like games and it was a big hit.

 Here we are at our fourth FHE. At Sister Alma's and Sister Jenna's, we were by ourselves with the families.  Sometimes we do the lesson or a game or a treat. Here at Sister Josie's house the missionaries taught the lesson and we provided the game, Reverse Charades this time.  We try to have a game they haven't played before.  Sister Josie provided the refreshments, a rice with ginger dish: I think it is called lugaw.

 We had a baptism this week.  This is Sister Jodeline.  She's only 13 and is very shy.  She was baptized by Elder Bautista.

 We went to the Manila temple one day with several of the Branch members.  Angel Moroni on top of the foremost spire.

 A view of the beautiful grounds from the back yard.

The Perez family was being sealed together.  Here we are with them and some of the members that came along.  We also had a blind brother getting his endowments, Brother Roberto.

 It was transfer day at district training and we are loosing two of our missionaries.  We've had Elder Bautista, far left, and Elder Bugarin, second from the right, with us since December.  We are going to miss them.  The are really good missionaries and we got to know them well and enjoyed serving with them in San Ildefonso.  The young missionaries come and go but we stay in one Branch for our whole mission.

 Some of the YW in our Branch came over to visit Sister Swift and do some cooking in our kitchen.  We have a oven, which they don't have in their homes.  Also some of them aren't taught to cook much since their mother's do all the cooking and they believe in the Philippines that cooking for their family is a way they show their love to their families.  They had a fun time.

Lastly, we went to a birthday party.  Josh Gabriel turned five.  He's in the front, with some friends and his Dad and older sister.  His Dad is Gilbert and he's the first councilor in the Branch Presidency.  He is a school teacher.  They have a new house they just had built and had an open house in the front yard.  We got lost getting there and were driving down a very bumpy dirt road full of big holes.  We're lucky we didn't get stuck or break an axle.  We finally had to call and get Gilbert to come find us and show us the way to his house.