Monday, July 11, 2016

Construction of a house

About 9 months ago we saw some holes dug on an empty lot.  It was the beginning of a new house.  After a month or two we decided to start taking pictures.  We thought that the house would take about 4 months, but it took about 9 months to complete. The main structure is made with hallow block (like cinder block) and re-bar.

 The next picture shows that neatness is not a requirement in putting the blocks together.

 Even the pole out in front of the house (I think for utilities to connect to) is made of cement.
 The next three pictures show that cement is used throughout the home.
 Cement stairs.
 Cement kitchen counter.
 Cement ceiling beam.
 Workers on site.  I believe some of them were living in the house as they were building it.
 Notice that the roof is one of the last parts of the process.
The roof is added along with railings on the balconies.
 Just the final things left, like windows.

 Here is the completed house.  Looks very nice all painted and fenced and with landscaping.  You can not even notice the sloppiness of the hallow block structure that is underneath.

During this past week we attended an 18th birthday celebration and a baptism and went to the temple.

 Sister Vanessa joined the church Saturday.  She is a school teacher at San Ildefonso National High School.  She is a really nice person and we are happy to have her join the Branch.  She was taught by Elders Arcayos and Dizon.

 The 18th birthday is a special occasion in the Philippines.  This is Raiza.  Her family recently joined the church earlier this year and she is taking the missionary lessons.  They had a nice celebration party for her.  She had no idea and it was a big surprise party.  They had cake and games and dinner and a good time.  They gave 18 of the men a rose to give her as they danced with her.  And then candles to 18 of the women to give her as they shared a wish for her.  There was a big crowd from the Branch so it was good.