Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Serving in San Ildefonso Branch

We are assigned to be members of the San Ildefonso Branch in the Baliwag District of the Philippines Quezon City North Mission.

In the above picture, we are with Elders Barcarse and Articulo teaching a large group of children.  Their grandmother (lola) and aunt bring them to church and they all want to be baptized too.  Some of them have Tootsie-pop suckers that Sister Swift gave them.

 We went to a District YW meeting.  These are five of the YW in our Branch.  The one on the far right and the one in the black skirt are their leaders.

 Every Tuesday we have Missionary District meeting.  There's personal study time, then a workshop and lesson, then companion study, and then language study.  The foreign missionaries study Tagalog and the local missionaries study English.

 Just outside our housing area there is a house and a yard with pigs and ducks and chickens.

 A fighting rooster on a leash.  Cock fighting is legal here.

 Last Monday was transfer day for the young missionaries.  This is the Baliwag Zone (four missing because sick with pink eye).  You can pick out the three senior missionary couples.

 This is Elder Coombs and Salisbury (he's from Washington too).  They are the other set assigned to our branch.  We have four young missionaries serving in San Ildefonso with us.

We saw this on a walk.  Across the stream is a small home that they have to cross a foot bridge to get too.

 We got invited to a Family Home Evening with a family from our Branch.  They served us dinner, which was very delicious, had a lesson, and we played some games.

 A market near where we live.

 Cooking babingka at the town center in Baliwag.

Sister Rodgers and Sister Swift.  The Rodgers and Jones are good friends with us now.