Friday, December 9, 2016

Young Women in Excellence

Sometimes driving around in the traffic, which is usually slow and crowded, we see some beautiful scenery.

  The rice fields are flooded and the young rice stalks are planted in the water. This field had not been planted yet.  Here you can see the reflection of the darkening rain clouds in the sky overhead.

These are the some of the Young Women and leaders in our branch at the yearly "Young Women in Excellence" activity.

Eliza Jane receiving her ribbons from two of the YW leaders.

 Hazel receiving her Young Womanhood Recognition Medallion.

 Micalyn  received her Young Womanhood Recognition Medallion. Sister Swift also received the same award and the "Honor Bee".

 Driving around we often see some interesting sights.  Even when the jeepneys are full, there's always room on the back. 

Here's a Nice Hotel, it says so right on the sign. (look really close)

 We went to the Mall of Asia in Manila which is the largest mall in all of Asia.  You can see the ocean in the background and a Ferris Wheel. We were mostly just looking around after shopping at the "American Women's Bazaar".

Inside was a cool Christmas display. The Philippine people do love Christmas out here.

 There was a Magnum ice cream store where you pick your own flavor of ice cream, flavor of coating, and 3 toppings. Then your ice cream bar is assembled for you.


 If you wonder why things are different in the Philippines, maybe it's the moon.  In the Philippines the moon fills in from the bottom up, not from the side.

Here is a picture of the moon a few days later.