Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ancestor Stories #04 Chaney's

Just so everyone doesn't think all our ancestors were pilgrims or knights or revolutionary war veterans, many of our ancestors came out of the hill country of southern Missouri and the Arkansas Ozarks.

This is Jack and Betty Chaney enjoying a sunny day on the front porch with the family.  That watermellon looks good.  They lived in Mountain Grove, Missouri where my dad was born.  The sweet little barefoot girl in the front is my Grandma, Lura Chaney.  Not sure, but it looks like a little turkey wandering around loose.

Here are the Chaney's all spruced up for a photograph.  Jack and Betty Chaney seated in the front.  Lura, my grandma, in the middle.  Look at that bow she has on.  Other daughters Myrtle Mae and Viola.  Two sons, John and Jay.  They had another son that died in childbirth named Willie.

Here's the same group a few year later.  My Grandma, Lura, is third from the right. 

Proud Betty Chaney with two grandchildren.  The little baby on the right is my Dad.  The other is his older sister Betty.

This is a beautiful beautiful photograph of my grandmother Lura, the little girl in the other photographs, all grown up now with her first baby Betty, named after her mother.  Her second baby was my Dad, Keith, and then she had one other named Sue.