Sunday, November 1, 2015


Sister Swift has been busy helping the Youth organize and practice and perform in a District Roadshow.

Here are three of the youth in Lamanite costumes at practice in our building: Trinie, Camille, and Hazelle.

 Waiting for our turn at the Branch Road Show.  Trinie, Hazelle, Buti, Trinie, Jeroh, Camille,  Andrew, Chiqui, Ninio, and Sister Swift.

 One of our youth leaders, Chiqui, was conducting.

 Joseph Smith translating the gold plates.  This was in a different Branch performance, but was interesting.

 Cheeki with John William.  She played a mom and he was a boy that liked Super Heroes in comic books.

 A Lamanite mom with her daughter.


 Lamanite 2,000 stripling warriors.

 Notice how Sister Swift had their parts taped to the back of their props so they could read their lines.  They didn't get a lot of time to practice.

 Captain Heleman talking to one of the stripling warriors.

 Closing song.  Two others that weren't mentioned before, Joyce on the far right and Micalyn on the far left.

 Sister Swift  got a pedicure and they painted her cuticles with red stuff which did not come off.  It looked really odd.