Saturday, August 1, 2015

Retired from Boeing

Yesterday was my last day on the payroll at Boeing.  I am now officially retired.

 I worked for Boeing as an Aerospace Engineer for a little over 33 years.  I also had five years in the Air Force.  One of the best things about the Air Force and Boeing was getting to work on different programs every few years.  This post is a summary of the different jobs I had.

 My first assignment in the Air Force was on the Global Positioning Positioning System (GPS).  I worked in El Segundo, California in the Space Segment.  We developed the first GPS satellites.

 GPS was launched on Atlas E and F rockets.  I took part in six different launches from Vandenberg AFB and also worked early orbit operations from Sunnyvale.

 I got out of the Air Force and went to work for Boeing.  My first job was in Wichita, Kansas.  I worked on the B-52 bomber developing a new digital autopilot and went on some flight tests.

 Then we transferred to Washington.  I worked on a classified program launching NRO satellites on Titan IV rockets.  I took part in two launches from Cape Canaveral.  This was my favorite program and I got to take several extended trips to Cocoa Beach.

After that I worked on the Boeing Inertial Upper Stage (IUS).  I took part in two Titan 4 and 1 Space Shuttle IUS launches.

On the space shuttle launch I worked in Mission Control during the launch countdown.

 After that I worked on the Sea Launch program.  My second favorite, and took part in six Sea Launch Zenit launches

Next I worked on Connexion by Boeing (CBB) putting Internet services on commercial airliners

 After that I worked in the Systems Engineering functional group and consulted on various programs and did SE audits.

 My last program was P-8 Poseidon, which is a Navy submarine killer.  I worked as the Export Technical Release focal and then on the simulators.

So that's it for Boeing.  I'm really excited to be going into retirement and for the chance to go on a mission to the Philippines.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Bridge Hike

We went on a hike across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

 We had Jacquelyn and I, Caleb, Isaac and Kim and Joselyn, Doranda and Bob and Tucker and Penelope and Scarlett and Leon, Joshua and Ethan and Julia and Christian and Elliott and Agnes.  Eighteen in the group.

Here we are starting out for the bridge.

 Coming up on the bridge.

 Going onto the bridge.

 Crossing the bridge.

 Crossing the bridge.

 Still crossing the bridge.

 A long ways across.

 At the plaque on the other side.

We had a fun hike.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gold Trail Hike

Doranda invited us to go on a hike out on the Olympic Peninsula.

 Here we are starting out on the Gold Trail Hike.  We had 6 adults, 7 children that could walk, and 3 children in carry on packs.  Here you see Doranda with Leon, Scarlett, Julia with Rebecca, and Agnes with Joshua.

 At the half way point.  Tucker, Elliott, Ethan, and Christian on the rock.  Also Joshua and Agnes with water.

 Tucker and Ethan led us the entire way and were our scouts.  They were good buddies.

 Tucker, Ethan, Christian, Elliott, and Penelope.  We used walkie-talkies to keep in contact.

 Doranda with Scarlett, Rebecca with Christian, Julia, and Isaac with Joselyn.

 Here were are at the top at the lookout point.  Kim, Doranda, Isaac, Christian, Rebecca, Penelope, and Julia.

 Time for lunch at the top, Christian, Julia, Scarlett, Penelope, Doranda, Rebecca, Elliott, Ethan, Tucker, and Joshua.

 Rest stop part way down.  Agnes likes to hold the water.  Also see Ethan, Doranda, Penelope, Scarlett, Isaac, and Joselyn.

Finally back to the parking lot. Tucker, Christian, Ethan, Joshua and Agnes, Rebecca, Scarlett, Penelope, Julia, Doranda, Leon, and Isaac.  We had a great time out hiking together in the woods.