Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Baptism, Funeral, Wedding, Festival

There's been a lot going on among the members of San Ildefonso.

We had a baptism.  This is Tina who is the youngest daughter of Sister Gloria who we were home-teachers to.  The Elders with her are Elder Abay from the Philippines and Elder Stephens from Utah.

 We also went to the wedding of our good friend Rodjun.  He got married in the municipal building is San Miguel.  His bride is not a member.  The wedding was interesting and a lot of the Branch members came to support them.  Then the reception was way out in Sipol in the far corner of the mission.

We also went to a funeral.  It was sad.  Out of respect for the family we are not posting any pictures.  It was a little baby, born pre-mature at 7 months, and she only lived 3 days.  We visited them in the hospital and attended the funeral services and the burial.  The father and mother of the young girl who's baby died, are friends.  The father asked me to dedicate the grave for them.

 One day we went down to Malolos to see the historic Barasoain Church.  This is where the first Philipine government was established after breaking from the Spanish.

We found the stairs up the tower were open.  It was in ill repair and covered with dust and dirt and bat guano.  We climbed up to the top and later were told it was not allowed.

 The Barasoain Church is a functioning Catholic church.  Also there was a government museum in a different wing on the church grounds.  Our tour guide was a LDS church member.  The museum was all about the Philippine resistance movements against the Spanish, and then against the American colonizers.

 Also this week was the San Ildefonso Bulak festival.  Each city here has it's own festival and it's a holiday with no school.  One of the highlights was a big parade down the streets.

 This is one of the YW that was in the parade, Micalyn, who is a Laurel.

 James Andrew, the Deacon's Quorum president.

 Micoh the Priest First Assistant.   Behind him you can see people watching out the window of their home.  This is right across the street from the chapel and we were watching from the church grounds.

Also the Jollibee bee was in the parade.  Jollibee is a Philippine fast food franchise that is bigger than MacDonalds out here.