Monday, August 11, 2014

Alaska Visit with Joshua and Family

I flew up later and here are some pictures from the rest of our visit to Alaska with Joshua and his family.

 Joshua, Rebecca, and Agnes in front of a stuffed polar bear.  We are visiting the "Wild Berry Products Store," which has all kinds of neat Alaska stuff to buy, and lots of candy.

 Here is Elliott, Ethan, Christian, Caleb, and Julia with a giant candy bar.  Behind them is the world's largest chocolate fountain.  Unfortunately the photo cuts off the top half of the chocolate waterfall.

 On one of our walks we saw some live moose.  This shot was taken at a steam in Anchorage just a few blocks from Joshua's house.

 There was a mother moose and two calves.

 We visited a playground with swings and had a lot of fun playing tag.   This is Elliott, Christian, and Ethan.

 Julia swinging on the bars.

At the Anchorage Museum the kids were fascinated by the bubble room.  Ethan blowing bubbles.

 Caleb making a bubble that totally encased him.

 Elliott playing on a display in the children's room.

 Julia checking out a big turtle in an aquarium.

We had time to go on one big hike.  Last time we went up Flattop Mountain, which is the most popular day hike near Anchorage, so this time we went up Rendezvous Peak.  Here's Joshua, Rebecca, and Agnes on the trail.

 Christian on the hike.  Lots of tiny wild flowers all about.

 Here we are at the top of Rendezvous Peak - Caleb, Ethan, and I.

 Joshua, Elliott and Agnes.

 What would a visit to Anchorage be without a stop at the Saturday Market in downtown Anchorage, a popular stop for all the tour bus and cruise ship tourists.  Christian and Ethan in front of a totem pole.

 We did a walk on the Marshlands Boardwalk.  This was the only day it rained on us.

We wore ourselves out, as typified by this shot of sleeping Agnes.  She is a cutie.  We had a fun trip.