Saturday, October 30, 2010


We like to decorate some for Halloween to get into the fun. These are mostly toys from MacDonald's Happy Meals.

At church this year our ward did a Halloween Social instead of the usual Trunk Or Treat. It was nice to do something extra since Halloween is on a Sunday this year and most of the kids from church will not be going out around the neighborhoods as part of keeping the Sabbath Day holy.

At the Halloween party there was a Halloween type carnival in the building so all the kids got to dress up and play games and it had lots of contests, like a cake walk, or bingo, or go fish or a bean bag toss, etc. Then there was a costume parade and then the kids went Trick Or Treating to the rooms and we volunteered to decorate one of the rooms and hand out candy.

Ours was actually the scariest room and some of the kids were afraid to come inside. You have to picture it in the dark from the eyes of a little kid. The hall was lit but the room was dark so you couldn't see except for the light from the head of Pumpkin Man and little artificial candles. Plus we had really scary Halloween music playing. Some parents had to carry or drag their kids in. The candy was right next to Pumpkin Man in that bowl with the hand that would grab at you when you reached for some candy. Plus Caleb hid behind the Pumpkin Man. It was a lot of fun for the kids, and for us too.

Here are some fall pictures from the back yard. It's chilly and rainey outside but also very pretty if you look past the wetness.

Happy Halloweeen everyone.