Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A drive through the countryside

One day last week we went for a drive.  We headed west and north towards Mt. Arayat.  It was a pretty drive but we couldn't drive all the way up to the mountain because it's in a different mission and we didn't know exactly where the boundaries were.

This is what the road looks like.  The area was pretty and not as congested at in Baliwag.

Saw some herons along the way,

Workers laying out the rice to dry on the highway.  Cars just have to go around if they can.

We saw a duck farm.

Don't know why the ducks don't just fly away.  Maybe their wings are clipped.

We saw two airplanes along the road.  Their wings were off and laying alongside them.  Don't known how or why they got there.

The plant we have in front of our house has been blooming lots of bright red blossoms.

At Institute Training they had up a farewell sign for Sister Swift.  We do have a couple of weeks to go though.