Thursday, December 24, 2015

Branch Christmas Social

We had a good time at the San Ildefonso Branch Christmas Social this week.

 It was a lot of fun and a lot of the Sisters came and tons of children, but not that many of the men.  Only about six.  Don't know why.

 Sister Chiqui was the announcer for the festivities.

 Before it started people were sitting in chairs arranged around the perimeter of the Cultural Hall.  That's me in the picture.  We started an hour late, which is not unusual for events out here.

 Two of our missionaries.  Elders Uhler, who just arrived less than a week ago from Virginia, and Elder Burgarin his trainer.

 One of the games we played was Snowman.  Sister Swift was in charge of organizing some games.  It was a contest to see who could make the best snowman.

 There were four groups and it was very exciting.

 This was one of the winning snowman.

 We took a break for food.  You see here rice wrapped up in banana leaves called pasog, and trays with spaghetti, which is the traditional Filipino dish to have at Christmas time.

 Things got even more relaxed as the games and singing continued after the meal.  As you can see by the announcer, Sister Marimar, now sitting on the pulpit.

 This is a game where they call a number and then you have to get in a group of that many people.

 This game was like hot potato.  Sister Swift is keeping track of who got got out.  We had a good time with our new friends in the San Ildefonso Branch.

 Later, on Wednesday we had the Missionary Zone Christmas Conference.  As you can see things were a lot more formal and sedate.

 We had speakers in the morning, then a dinner, then some games and a talent show and singing.  This is a group of Sister missionaries.

 Here we are singing a song with our District, the Baliwag District.

 I got this picture of a Mom with three children on a motorcycle.

 On Sunday we had an incredible day.  We had Sacrament, plus a wedding, baptism, and funeral, all in the same day.  Here's Brother Jing who got baptised.  With Elders Bugarin and Uhler.

We saved the best picture for last.  Although we couldn't be there in person, we got to Skpe in and see part of the wedding and also the reception.  Here's the happy couple, Jarom and Paige, with Tianna and  Jim.  What a great looking couple.  They seemed very happy.  Jarom is a super grandson.  Congratulations to Jarom and Paige.