Sunday, November 29, 2015

Biak na Bato

We went on a hike to Biak na Bato on two different occasions. The first time it was just the two of us and this past week we went with two other missionary couples.  Here are several pictures of our time in the national park.

 In the picture above this family is washing clothes in the river.  Many people still wash their clothes at home this same way.

 This women with us is our guide for the day.  It was great to talk with her because I could practice my Tagalog since she spoke only a little English.

 This friendly dog followed us every step of the way on the entire hike.

 Underground river in Bat Cave.

 Us with the Jones and Rogers.

 Rice fields with mountains in the background.

Caribao love the water.  Guess that's why there're called water buffalo.

  Next we stopped at this area with several statues of Catholic saints and the 14 stations of Christ during the crucifixion and resurrection.

 Michael fighting the devil.

 There was also a little zoo nearby.  It was mostly just some cages with birds and a few animals.  It was pretty old and not well cared for.  I felt sorry for the animals there, but maybe they were rescued animals and being cared for.

Curious looking fellow.

 In the picture below we are eating Thanksgiving dinner at the Mission President's home with the other senior missionaries in our mission. 
This picture was taken at our Branch FHE.  What we could call a Ward Social back home.  We had a lot of fun playing Family Feud and Reverse charades.