Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Missionary Farewell

Joyce Vitangcol began her mission on October 28th.

 She and Sister Swift have been good friends.  They were in the YW Presidency together and also Visiting Teaching companions. 

 The Branch had a farewell activity at the chapel for her.  There were games and testimonials and singing.  Sister Swift made cupcakes and got a pillow case and had everyone sign it.  Here's a picture of people at the activity with Joyce in the middle.

 We went with the family, and other friends, to the Mission Home, where she was set apart.  Then out to the Philippine MTC in Manila.  This is some of her family:  her sister, father, Joyce, little sister, mother, and grandmother.

 She will be a great missionary.  She is going to the Naga Mission in the Philippines.

 Some cute children were following us around one day and talking to us when we went to visit a member in the Anyatam Burangay.

We often visit people on their birthday.  It is a Philippine tradition to make food and invite people over and feed them on your birthday.  Here is a family picture taken at Charlie's birthday celebration..  We home-teach this family.  He's 59.