Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter fun

We had lots of company up for the Easter break and we did some fun Easter activities on Saturday.  That way we could spend Sunday going to church and thinking about the true meaning of Easter, which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Here we have Andrew, James, and Ashton all set waiting for their turn to hunt Easter Eggs.

Mallory and Penelope were in the youngest group to go look for eggs.

Scarlett has her Easter basket and she's ready to look for eggs too.

Mallory hunting for Easter Eggs.

James found a good one.

Ashton is in a big hurry to find all he can.

Penelope is looking everywhere.

Andrew has a nice set of Easter eggs he found.

Tucker out collecting eggs.

Evan was in the last group to look for eggs.
While the kids were taking turns looking for eggs, the grow-ups watched from the deck, Talitha, David, Tianna, and Jim.
Tianna's family looking over their Easter eggs after the hunt.
Malachi's family looking over the Easter eggs they found.

Little Leon slept trough the whole things.

We had a fun day.  The kids always like playing around the ponds.  Penelope is helping clean out leaves and stuff.

Tucker and James out by the Lion Fountain.

Evan and Dallen playing pool upstairs.

Mallory has a little friend over.

Penelope, Tucker, and James decorating Easter eggs.

Scarlett taking Molly for a walk around the block.
People played a lot of card games too.  It was a great day.  Thanks everyone for coming to visit.  And thanks to Jacquelyn for a wonderful Easter dinner.  The ham was delicious and all the baked goods she made were much appreciated, especially the Easter cupcakes and the pineapple upside down cake.