Monday, August 22, 2016

Primary Program and Transfers

Our District had a Primary Anniversary Roadshow.  We went to watch the children from our Branch and support the Primary.  The children had a really good time.

 This is Jethro and John Paul in front of the train and Erin in the back.  Sister Pricella is watching.

 Saying hello to a new missionary.  John Clyde with Erica and Eula and B-Boy in the boat.

 Two good buddies, John Clyde and John Paul.

  Here is a picture of the San Ildefonso missionaries.  Starting on the left, Elder Pelinggon from the Philippines, Elder Arcayos from the Philippines, me, Sister Swift, Elder Dizon from the Philippines who is being transferred, and Edler Uele from New Zealand who is finishing his mission.  We really liked getting to know and work with Elders Dizon and Uele.  They are great missionaries.

This is the entire Baliwag Zone, two senior couples, two sister companionships and seven elder companionships.