Tuesday, June 14, 2016

National Museum

We found a chicken in the church building one evening.
 We came up the front step to unlock the front door and saw this little chicken inside the church building all by himself.

 He got scared when we came in and ran up the stairs.  Some of the youth with us chased him down and put him outside.

 Three typical Philippine cows, including a young one.  They're very large and look quite different from cows back home.

 We went on a trip with the Jones, who are about finished with their mission and going home soon.  They wanted to make one last visit to the American Women's Bazaar and then to the Philippine National Museum which they had not seen yet.

 Statue at the font.

 An gigantic painting that was magnificant.  Elder Rogers and Jones on the left of the painting.

 Art studio of a famous Philippine painter.

 Another painting that we thought was pretty good.

We talked to this friendly museum guide and she told us she's a Mormon too.  Don't know how she recognized us as fellow Mormons.  Maybe because of our white shirts and ties.  Or maybe it was the nametags.

We had a good visit to the museum.