Sunday, July 23, 2017

Grandchildren Visiting

We watched Andrew and Mallory this week while Malachi and Layne went up to Canada for a vacation.  They were here Sunday evening, through until late Wednesday.

 We had a lot of fun doing all kinds of activities and getting to spend time together.

 The big thing they wanted to do was go fishing.  So one morning before Andrew's baseball camp we went fishing.  It started out really neat when the kids found a big turtle up on the shore trying to get some sun.

 We fished at Bradley Lake Park out on the dock.  At first Mallory said she wasn't touching any squirmy worms, but before we were done she did stick one on a hook.

 We didn't catch any fish but we saw some in the water and they got some nibbles.  However the sun was out and the weather was sunny and the lake was gorgeous.  It was a great start to the morning.

 They did want to play some games on the computer while they were here.

 But not too much.

 Can't forget to mention Bruce.  He was here too.

 One day Doranda came up with her children so they could play with their cousins.

 We went to the park by the library.

 Leon and Penelope doing gymnastics on the grassy fields.

 Scarlett and Penelope.


 Then later in the week James and Ashton flew into town and we had some overlap where we had all four.

 Of course Caleb had a lot of fun playing with the children.

 Ashton made us a dinner one night.  He took cooking lessons and made an Italian meal with Alfredo noodles and buttery bread rolls.  It was delicious.

 Mallory was the first to want to shoot arrows.  She learned quick.

 Andrew had no trouble at all and took it right up.  He's very athletic.

 James got a dead center bullseye on one shot.

 Then later in the week Tianna came up also.  Ashton made us cinnamon rolls.

What a week.  Lot of fun.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hiking with Doranda and her family

Doranda invited us to go on a hike with them earlier this month.

 It was fun.  The trail was out in the area near where they live, Gold Creek Trail up Green Mountain.

 Some of our group decided to take a shortcut and we got separated for a while.  We thought it was a switchback shortcut but it never did connect back up.

 Rest stop.

 Interesting views.  There was one area where the lumber had been harvested and they left behind huge piles of debris.

 Tucker climbing a tree.

 Up at the top enjoying the view.

Feeding the hungry birds.

We love being outdoors with family on a hike.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ashton Evan and Thomas

Guess who we ran into at the airport the other day?

Thomas Rawls, RB for the Seattle Seahawks.

Here's a picture I took of Thomas Rawls taking a selfie with Evan and Ashton.  He's not very tall (I looked it up, only 5'9"), but he looked like solid muscle and was a very friendly guy.

For those that don't know what a RB is, that's the guy they give the ball to, and he has to run past the monster sized tackles and giant linebackers.

Another picture of Evan and Ashton's new buddy on an average work day against the Chicago Bears.

 Ashton and Evan were at our house for a few days on a short but fun visit.

We had a good time and enjoyed their company.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Donuts with Mallory

Here's a picture with Mallory.

I met her before class at her elementary school and we had donuts together.  Malachi had to work and couldn't come so I got to fill in for him.  After donuts she showed me her classroom.  We had an enjoyable time together.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Intruder in the house

We had a break in at our home last night.

 This large dog raced into our house.  He was terrified from all the fireworks going on outside.  Our garage door was open and when Caleb came in and shut the garage door he was surprised to find a large dog hiding in the garage.  The dog ran inside the house and Caleb couldn't stop him and didn't want to slam the door in his face either.

 The dog just paced about the house nervously, occasionally laying down in a dark corner in the living room or in the laundry room, but then getting up when more loud fireworks went off outside.  He never did growl or bark at any of us but would run if we tried to get close enough to see if he had dogtags on.  Jacquelyn said not to put him out until the fireworks were over because he would be too scared.

 So we just left him alone and he paced around the house for about three hours.  Poor fella.

Finally when the fireworks had pretty much stopped we let him out.  Our neighbors said they recognized him and Caleb went and got his owner, who lived two houses down to the right of us.  He didn't speak English and kept saying "no dog", until the neighbor girl showed him a picture she ran and took on her phone and then he came and got his dog.  The dog was so happy to finally see his master.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wildwood Park then Chocolate Fountain and Cake

On the Father's Day weekend several of the children and grandchildren came up to visit.

 Doranda and her family were up early on Saturday and we decided to go for a hike at Wildwood Park.  Here's Doranda with her five children by the waterfall - Leon, Tucker, Penelope, Scarlett, Calista, and Doranda.

 We parked at one end and hiked over to the exercise trail.  Caleb joined us there.

 The trail winds through wild woods and has various stops to do exercises.  This is a stretching post.

 Scarlett on the monkey bars.

 Penelope, Leon, Scarlett, and Tucker at the balance beams.

 After the exercise trail they walked on some fallen logs and then we looked for and found a geocache.

 Then later that night Talitha and Tianna with her family came over for a big dinner.  Talitha made this massive chocolate cake.  We had three fathers there: Bob, Jim, and I.  In this picture is Tianna and Talitha, Bob, Tucker, and if you look you can see James and Evan.

There was also a chocolate fountain that Tianna brought.  James and Scarlett in this picture.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Dallen's Graduation

A while back we went to Dallen's graduation from High School.

 Here we are with Dallen after the graduation ceremony.  He graduated from Mead High School in Spokane.

 Dallen dressed in cap and gown waiting in line waiting to get his diploma.

 Dallen at the graduation.  We had a good view.

Dallen with his mom.  Congratulations Dallen, now is's on to bigger and better things.  We love you and we're proud of you.