Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Joshua's family in Arizona

While Jacquelyn was down in Arizona for a month, Joshua and his family came down for a visit.  The kids got to see Great-Grandma Rucker and Great-Grandpa Swift.

 Agnes really took to her Great-Grandma and liked spending time with her at the park and at home.

 Here's the rest of Joshua's family with Great-Grandma Rucker.

 And here's Joshua's family with Great-Grandpa Swift at the park.  While they were visiting Julia and Agnes slept at Great-Grandpa Swift's apartment in Mesa and Joshua, Rebecca, Ethan, Christian, and Elliott slept at Great-Grandma Rucker's home.

Shortly after they left Jacquelyn got to visit with some friends from our Mission in the Philippines, Connie (Sister Rogers), Chris (Sister Jones), and a sister visiting from the Baliwag Ward, Philippines.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Cut Down That Tree

Jacquelyn's been wanting us to cut down this flowering plum tree for some time now and we finally got around to it.

 This is the tree after Caleb cut off the lower branches.  It was tricky to cut down because the tree was between our house and the neighbors house, maybe 25 feet tall, and right next to the fence.

 Our hometeacher, Brother Newbold, volunteered to help.  He cut off the upper branches with a small hand saw and then a chainsaw. We used ropes to guide where the tree limbs fell.

 Caleb with the chain saw chopping up branches, and Brother Rainey helping out too.

 The fallen tree.  It grew back once before, we'll see if it grows back again.

 Hauling branches out to the curb.  We cut up the trunk for firewood and took that to the backyard.

That was the end of the tree.  It was pretty but Jacquelyn hated all the little plums that it dropped.  They weren't eatable, too sour, and made a mess in the yard.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Malachi Visiting in Arizona

While we were down in Arizona visiting our parents, Malachi flew down for a visit also.

 Here's Malachi with his Grandpa Swift in front of a western mercantile store.

 And here's Malachi with his Grandma Rucker and also Jacquelyn.

 We went for some walks and drives and saw some fascinating desert scenery.

The rocky hills are inspiring.

 And the colossal saguaro cactus are magnificent.

 At Canyon Lake we went on river cruise on the Dolly Steamboat.

 Canyon Lake winds around through the rocky clefts.

 Grandpa Swift taking in the sunny weather.  It was beautiful out and so relaxing on the water.

 These clefts had caves in them that gave the appearance of spooky, angry, rock monster faces.

 This is beautiful country, so different from home in Washington.

 We got lucky and spotted a bighorn sheep up on the side of a rocky cleft.

 Hello sheep, smile.

 We also made a visit to the Goldfield Ghost Town.  Things have changes.

Bye Malachi, glad you could come down for a visit and got to see you grandparents.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Road trip to Arizona

On Friday we left Puyallup on a road trip to Arizona.  We're driving down there so Jacquelyn can have a car while she's spending a month with her mom.

The first day we drove all the way to Pocatello, Idaho where Joshua lives.

We got to be there on Christian's birthday.  He had a family party to celebrate and we were glad to be with them.  Christian's 8 years old now.  This is Christian with little brother Asher in the back.

 Christian with Ethan, Agnes, and Elliott watching from the couch.

 Christian with big sister Julia looking on.

We got into quite a bit of snow in Pocatello.  This is their house with snow all around.

For the second drive we drove from Pocatello to South Jordan, Utah, where Nathanael lives.  The roads were bad in Idaho but were clear in Utah.

 We got to see several of the grandchildren on this trip.  Here's Hannah and Jacob.  Hannah will be having a birthday next week and will be five.

Don't know why our pictures here were all turning out blurry but it made for a interesting photo.

For the third day, the longest day, we drove all the way from Utah to Apache Junction.

This is Jacquelyn's mom's home in sunny Arizona.

Mallory and Spencer Birthday Party

We went to a birthday party for Mallory and Spencer last week.

 There was a household of people there at the party, which had a pirate theme for Spencer and a Mermaid theme for Mallory.

 Mallory is 10 years old.

Spencer is 5 years old.  We love them both, they're great children.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Snow in Puyallup

I was invited to have lunch with Andrew at his Elementary School.  He's in the fifth grade already. 

 We had food from Wendy's and also some cookies Jacquelyn sent with us.  I got to meet some of his friends.  He seems very popular, especially with all the little fifth grade girls in his class.  One of them told me he was funny.

 We've been getting lots of snow in Puyallup the past couple of days.  I measured 5.5 inches of snow accumulation on top of the table on our back deck.

 Our little Jeep in the driveway was totally covered.

And our statue in the backyard was dressed in snow.

Monday, January 22, 2018


We had a birthday celebration on Saturday.  It was nice of everyone to come over.

Thank you everyone that was able to come.  I love you all.