Saturday, September 30, 2017

Andrew's Birthday

We went to a party to celebrate Andrew's birthday at his home last week.  Caleb and Talitha also came.  We also went to the Primary Program at his ward, Silver Creek Ward, and saw Andrew, Mallory, and Spencer say their parts and sing.  Spencer especially seemed to really enjoy singing and stood right in front and sang his heart out.

 Andrew turned eleven years old.  We had a fun time at his birthday celebration.

He's growing up fast and is turning into a fine young man.

Happy Birthday Andrew.  We love you and are happy you are our grandson.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Happy 94th Birthday

We made a trip to Arizona and stayed for over a week visiting our parents in Mesa and Apache Junction.  We also saw Tianna down there.

 Loren Swift turned 94.  Happy birthday Dad.

 We went to see a World War II movie, "Dunkirk," on one day and went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner on another Day.  They have this tradition there where you ride on this saddle and the waitresses sing a happy birthday song.  It was great to be there with him on his birthday.

 Jacquelyn, her mom, and Tianna.  We got to visit, play cards with her, and we also saw Duane, Conni, Cathi and Lydia.

There's a missionary we knew in the Philippines that is now serving a mission in Mesa, Arizona and will be done in one week.  We went out to lunch with her and the Rogers.  The Rogers also served with us in the Philippines.    Here you see the Sister Missionary (taking the group selfie), her companion, Brother Rogers, then on the other row, me, Jacquelyn, Sister Rogers, and one of her daughters.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Doranda and family leave for Japan

On Sunday morning we took Doranda and her family to the airport.  Saturday was our last full day before they left for Japan.

 Scarlett playing with baby sister Calista, who seems to like rattles.

 We went to the Puyallup Fair and Leon rode a sheep in the Mutton Busten races.  He didn't last very long but he was very brave and he tried it.  Way to ride em Leon.

 Scarlett and Leon got to meet Spiderman and have a face to face conversation.

 Spiderman gave Tucker a few pointers on how to shoot webbing at the bad guys.

Here they are at SeaTac Airport about to head out for Japan.  Goodbye Doranda, Bob, Tucker, Penelope, Scarlett, Leon and Calista.  We are going to miss you all.

James and Ashton visiting

James and Ashton caught a standby airplane flight and came to visit for a few days.  They even got to bring Molly the dog with them.

 Ashton on a massive fallen log at Wildwood Park.

Doranda and her family were staying at our house too so they had plenty of cousins to play with.  James and Tucker and Leon at the playground.  Monkey bars are no trouble for them.

 One day we went out to Mt. Rainier so they got to hike in and play among some really massive trees.

 There's nothing better for a kid they hiking in the woods.

 James and Ashton feeding a chipmunk.

 Ashton crossing a foot bridge at Cougar Rock across a glacial stream.

 Hiking in the boulders washed down by a glacier long ago.

 James crossing the foot bridge.  No problems.

 View point of a small waterfall at the top of a steep trail.

 On the way back down James and Scarlett got to be the leaders all the way.

 At Narada Falls James and Ashton wanted to go all the way to the bottom and they asked and asked and asked until they talked us all into it.  It was not easy crossing the river and climbing the rocks, but we were careful and the waterfall was definitely worth a difficult climb.

How often do you get to stand behind a waterfall.  We're glad James and Ashton got to come visit.  They're great kids and we enjoyed having them join us.

Doranda and family moved in

Doranda and Bob rented their house out and moved into our house with us for about 10 days.  They are moving and had a gap to fill before they were scheduled to leave Washington.

 One day Talitha invited us to go on a hike.  Doranda and I and Tucker, Penelope, Scarlett, Leon and Lucy the dog all went with Talitha.

 It was a nice day and the woods were beautiful.  Leon was our leader the whole way.  We were a little slow for him.  Come on, hurry up.

 Of course Tucker and the kids found some fallen logs to climb on.  It was a fun hike.

 Calista in her baby seat in the kitchen.  She's usually a very happy baby as long as she's being held or can see people all around.  What a cutie pie.

We celebrated Penelope's birthday a little early since they'll be gone soon for 3 years.

 Monster sized birthday cake for a special girl.

 One day we went to Wildwood Park.  Scarlett and the kids found fallen trees again to climb on.

 Leon and Penelope crossing another giant fallen tree.  Being cautious Leon?  Don't look down.

 The kids are really good at the monkey bars.

 One day we went up to Mount Rainier.  We started out at the Trail of Shadows near Longmire.  It's a fun easy trail.  This is the third time Jacquelyn and I have gone this year.  We also went with Malachi and with Nathanael and their families.

 The views are spectacular.  They had two cousins to play with also, James and Ashton were in town for a few days too.

 Leon likes exploring.

 Tucker thinks he's cool.  And if you ask me, he is.

 We had a picnic lunch and were pleasantly surprised by a little visitor.  See the chipmunk.  It took food right out of Penelope's hand.

 At Cougar rock we went on a longer hike and trail that crossed a raging glacial stream.

 Bob and kids going across.

Doranda and Leon going across.

 Time for a break on the trail.  It was pretty steep.

 After that hike we went to Narada Falls.  Normally we hike down to a viewpoint, but this time they wanted to hike all the way to the bottom.  We'd never done that before.  It was hard crossing the river but we made it.  James and Ashton led the way.  Bob and Doranda carried Calista and we had to do some climbing.  We were very careful and it was a lot of fun.

 A view from behind the waterfall.  Magnificent.

One day Doranda gave the kids a can of shaving cream and let them have fun as only kids know how to do.  Simple pleasures in life are the best.    A can of squishy shaving cream, family, a sunny day, and there you go.  We really enjoyed having Doranda and her family living with us for 10 days.  They are wonderful.

Isaac and family visiting

After the family reunion Isaac and Kim drove out to Puyallup with their family for a visit.

Isaac and Joslyn at the family reunion.  Things were really crazy and busy at the house.  We got to spend some time together but it was real hectic but we didn't get a lot of pictures at the house, so here are some mostly from the reunion.

 Dorian getting a ride.

 Cute family photo.  All smiles.

 Dorian approaching a lei.  What's this?

 You're supposed to wear them Dorian.

 Joslyn showing how to be adorable without even trying.

 Banana boats for dessert.  Impossible to eat without having fun, or making a mess.

 Kim and Dorian at the lake.

 Isaac and Joslyn at the lake.

 Watermelon, yum.

 Snow cones.

 Playing hulu hoop with cousin Hannah.

 Limbo night with cousins Scarlett and Hannah.

We are so glad they came to visit.  Wish we could have visited longer and things hadn't been so busy.  Happy family photo.