Sunday, May 20, 2012

Camping and Ballgames

We drove up to Spokane this weekend and got to spend a few days with Tianna and Jim and five of our grandchildren up there - Amery, Dallen, Evan, Ashton, and James.
The first night Caleb and I went camping with the boys, they were having a Ward Father and Son Campout and we got invited.  We had three tents for the seven of us.  It was at Camp Zion just outside of Spokane, a very beautiful spot in the trees by a river.
Jacquelyn, Tianna, and Amery missed out on all the camping fun.  Although they had their own girl's night out and went to the Outback for dinner and then shopping for clothes.
We had a great spot for campfires and enjoying all the beauty of the great outdoors.  It was fun to get away.  I love camping.
Dallen led the opening prayer at the ward campfire program and we had a skit where Evan was the ghost with bloody fingers.  Ask him to tell you the story some time.
 James at a great spot right on the river.
 The next day was filled with ball games. 
 James at bat in a T-ball games.
 Oops, missed it.
 Got it this time, a hit.
 Running the bases to make it home.
 In the outfield.
We also saw Evan in one of two soccer games.  It's hard to get good pictures in a fast moving soccer game.  He scored his teams only goal in the first game and had two or three other close shots on the goal.  He was their best shooter.
Dallen in a game of real baseball - fast pitch.  We saw him get a hit his first time at bat and get an RBI.
 We also saw him get hit by the ball once at the plate by an erratic pitcher.  Below is Dallen in the outfield looking sharp.
We had a fun time even though it was a very short visit.  It was great to see everyone and spend some time together.