Sunday, June 5, 2016

San Ildefonso National High School service project

This was transfer week for the young elders and sisters in our mission.  For Senior Missionaries there is no transfer week.   Sister Swift and I will stay in the San Ildefonso Branch our entire mission.

 Elder Tinasas on the left has completed his mission and will be going home.  We didn't get to know him really well since he was only here for one transfer.  He worked hard and did a lot of good.  He's from the Philippines.  Elder Uele on the right is staying.  He's the district leader.  He's from New Zealand and is a big friendly guy.

 Elder Diso on the right is transferring to another zone.  Elder Arcayos on the left is staying in San Ildefonso.  They are both from the Philippines.  We will miss Elder Diso.  He worked hard and was always smiling.

 The Broadheads were in town doing apartment checks.  We all met them at the one of the sizzlin' grills you see alongside the street.  You eat outside right on little tables extending onto the sidewalk.  This one is in Bustos and is a favorite of the Rogers.

 We're been seeing some of these tiny lizards around the house lately.  Must be the time of season for lizard babies.

 Closeup of the baby lizard.

 On Thursday we went on a service project to the San Ildefonso National High School.  It's a big public school here.  They were having a volunteer day and one of the Elder's investigators teaches there, so we went to help out.

 This is the classroom of Sister Vanessa, the investigator.  She teaches science.

 Sister Vanessa on the left and me painting tires bright yellow.

 Sister Swift and Micalyn working on the tires.  It looked good and we were glad to help.

 Micalyn, Gilbert, Trinnie, Rodaline, and Camille painting.  It turned out Gilbert had Sister Vanessa for a teacher many years ago when he was a small boy.

 The next big task was to repair desks.  They were old and in bad shape and broken up.

Trinie and Gilbert nailing chairs back together the best we could.  They had been repaired before, many times.

 We got 30 desks back into semi working condition.  They're still in terrible shape though, but it's the best they have.

 Erica, one of the Primary children in our branch with a baby bird she found that fell out of its nest in a tree in her yard.

 She was walking around with it on her head.

We saw this one trike near our house that had a cage-like side car.  Typically we see pigs or goats in these type of side cars, but this one man had his little son in it.  As they commonly say out here, "Only in the Philippines".