Friday, December 23, 2016

Trip to see large statues

One day we took a drive to see a different part of the countryside in our mission and went up north past San Miguel and then west towards the hills and mountains.

 We saw two carabao (water buffalo) wadding in some shallow water. They looked like they were enjoying being in the water.

 This poor horse had his wagon loaded down and then had to hold it back, on this incline.

 We came to a stream we need to cross and saw this truck we thought had gotten off the road and was stranded.  No, they just drove it in the water on purpose to wash it.  Only in the Philippines.

 We couldn't take the car any further and had to take this simple little ferry across the stream.    We had to stand on their bamboo raft while they ferried us across.

 Then we had a short hike to see these large religious statures we had heard of. 

 This is the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The one in red is Jesus, the middle one is Heavenly Father and the one in yellow is the Holy Ghost.

 Up close photo from the top of the hill.  The Father has an all seeing third eye, the Son has a red heart, and the Holy Ghost has a dove on his chest.

 A view of the scenery from the top.

 More scenery.

Children along for the ride on the bamboo ferry as we made our way back across.

Back at the church building they are replacing all the slats on the undersides of the eaves.  The problem was the bats.  The old slats had spaces in between and there were dozens of bats that made their home in the eaves.  Then there was bat guano droppings all over the ground around the building that people had to sweep up all the time.

One night the District had a Christmas Social.  Sister Swift with Sister Wendy.