Saturday, December 17, 2011

Aircraft Carrier

I got to go on a tour of a Navy Aircraft Carrier.  They were asking around at work who wanted to go on a tour the public affairs office got some Boeing slots for and I volunteered right away.  It was extremely interesting and a lot more fun than working that day.  Here I am on the flight deck.

It was the USS Abraham Lincoln.  The most amazing thing was how big the aircraft carrier was with thousands on board when they put out to sea.  It was like a floating city it so huge.

This is the other direction on the flight deck.  You can see one jet aircraft and the tower.

This is one of the seaman's (enlisted) dining rooms which was cafeteria style.  They also had dining rooms for the petty officers (NCOs) and dining rooms for the officers where they get served restaurant style by enlisted.

There were three giant hangars inside the interior for storing fighters and helicopters separated by massive fireproof walls that could open and close.

Here's another hangar, but the aircraft were not deployed to the ship at the moment.  You can see attach points on the floor where they tie them down.

I think I need to go on a diet.  Some of the port hole doors were a little tight to squeeze through.  Most of the time they had metal stairs going up and down through the decks but occasionally we had to climb or descend ladders and they had these seal-able port hole doors.