Monday, February 13, 2017

FHE and Biak na Bato

Sister Prescilla and Sister Alma asked us to come to their homes and do a Family Home Evening for their families. Because we have so little time left, we combined them into one at Sister Alma's home.

Here you see Sister Swift with Sister Prescilla;  Sister Alma with her children Aiza, Eron, Erica, and Fatima; Sister Virgina, and Sister Jenny with her child Julie Ann.

 Sister Alma conducted.  After song and prayer we gave a lesson on Moroni, the children colored, we played Pass the Pigs and we ate a dinner they had prepared.   Sister Swift made some delicious cup cakes for dessert.

 We had our last Senior Outing on Monday.  We went to Biak na Bato for a hike.  The weather was perfect.  Cloudy so not to hot, and not rainy.  We hiked with the Bertins, Broadheads, Bremners, and Dicksons.

 A nice picture of the jungle and rocky cliffs.

Here is part of the river that flows into the Bahay Paniki.(house of bats or Bat Cave)

The five Sisters at the Pahingahan cave. (rest place)