Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Activities

Doranda and Tianna and their families stayed with us over the weekend and these are some of the activities we participated in.

 Caleb set up a slack line and we tried walking across the line between two trees.

 Evan did a pretty good job as long as someone was there to hold onto.  Ashton and I tried it too, and even Jacquelyn.  We had to have someone to hold onto though.

 Doranda worked on it a lot and got pretty good, even without anyone to help her.

 Once she got half way across all by herself.

 Story time for Penelope, Scarlett and Leon.  Penelope always looks kind of bored.

 Fooseball upstairs.

Tucker at the pool table.

 There was always a card game of some kind going on and at night we played Murder Mystery and a Name Mixup Game.

Bob and Tucker and Jim in the background.

 We had a contest making gingerbread houses.  Here is Doranda's family at work on theirs.

 Kickball at the church.  Ashton kicking.

 Tucker kicking.

 Penelope reluctantly kicking.

Leon joining in as best he could.

 Tucker with the ball.

 We played a basketball game too, it was Caleb and Jacquelyn and  I against Ashton and Bob and Doranda.

Penelope watched and was only a little bored.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2015

We had a fun time for Christmas this year.  We had Caleb, Doranda, Malachi, Talitha, and Tianna, and their families up for a visit and we got to skipe/talk to Isaac, Nathanael and Joshua and their families.  We also talked to our parents down in Arizona.

 Christmas is all about remembering the birth of Christ and we had a Christmas skit to get us into the right mood for Christmas.  Tucker played Joseph and Penelope played Mary.  Scarlett and Leon were shepherds who followed a star to see the Christ.

 A little hard to see in the dark.  Doranda was the narrator.

 Joseph and Mary could not find any room at the inns.  Leon was the inn keeper.

 Finally Joseph and Mary found a place in a stable and Jesus was born and placed in a manger.

 The Woestman family sang some Christmas carols.  You can't see Doranda, but she's playing the piano.

 Then we had a meal on a blanket in front of the fireplace and ate simple food: meat, pita bread, and fruit.

 Next morning it was time for stockings.  Doranda and Tianna put out stockings for all their children.

 Tucker, James and Ashton opening stockings.

Jacquelyn and Tucker.

 The best thing about Christmas is getting together with family.  Here we are starting to open presents.  Dallen, Caleb, James, Evan, Ashton, and Scarlett.

 Andrew and Mallory.

 Jacquelyn, Dallen, Caleb, and James.

 Talitha and David above.  Tucker, Doranda, Penelope, Amery, Ashton, Jarom, and James below.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dallen singing in the choir

A while back we went up to see Dallen sing with his choir.  It was an hour drive up north of Seattle but was worth it because the singing was beautiful, the acoustics great in that church, and it was very relaxing and peaceful, and helped us get in the Christmas spirit.  Talitha went with us and we had an enjoyable evening.

Dallen looked very handsome in his tuxedo.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Dora Swift pictures

These are a series of pictures showing Dora from her childhood and up.

 Baby picture of Dora.

 Dora as a toddler with her father and younger sister and two older sisters.

 A little older with her mother and three sisters.

 Dora with one of her older sisters.

Holding her little dog Lady Bug with her best friend Wilma on her left.
 Going out with her best friend Betty.

 Dora was the marching band majorette during High School.

 Her whole family.  Parents Evan and Miranda Aumick.  On top are sisters Evelyn and Jennie.  On bottom are Dora on left and younger sister Alice.

 Here are the four daughters with their Dad after they were grown and married.

 Same picture only with their Mom.

 Portrait picture of Dora.

 Marriage picture to Keith Swift.

 Dora and her husband.

Dora's family.  Her and Keith with two sons, Mark and Doug.

On camping trip in a Coleman tent trailer.  Two sons in the background.

 At Dinosaur National Monument with Doug and Mark.

 At a glacier with Doug and Mark.

 Another picture with her two sons.

 Dora with teenage sons.

 On another vacation with the family.  Dad was taking the pictures.

 Dora and grown sons Doug and Mark.

 At Mark's wedding.

 Dora and Keith at their Fiftieth wedding anniversary.

With her husband on a vacation trip.