Friday, December 12, 2014

Dora Swift pictures

These are a series of pictures showing Dora from her childhood and up.

 Baby picture of Dora.

 Dora as a toddler with her father and younger sister and two older sisters.

 A little older with her mother and three sisters.

 Dora with one of her older sisters.

Holding her little dog Lady Bug with her best friend Wilma on her left.
 Going out with her best friend Betty.

 Dora was the marching band majorette during High School.

 Her whole family.  Parents Evan and Miranda Aumick.  On top are sisters Evelyn and Jennie.  On bottom are Dora on left and younger sister Alice.

 Here are the four daughters with their Dad after they were grown and married.

 Same picture only with their Mom.

 Portrait picture of Dora.

 Marriage picture to Keith Swift.

 Dora and her husband.

Dora's family.  Her and Keith with two sons, Mark and Doug.

On camping trip in a Coleman tent trailer.  Two sons in the background.

 At Dinosaur National Monument with Doug and Mark.

 At a glacier with Doug and Mark.

 Another picture with her two sons.

 Dora with teenage sons.

 On another vacation with the family.  Dad was taking the pictures.

 Dora and grown sons Doug and Mark.

 At Mark's wedding.

 Dora and Keith at their Fiftieth wedding anniversary.

With her husband on a vacation trip.

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