Monday, August 29, 2016

Beautiful people and beautiful scenery

We did a lot of driving around the Bulacan this week.
 We often see these anti-criminality check points.  'Anti-criminality' strikes me as funny.  The police set up road blocks and stop the motorcycles and I believe they cite them if they don't have licenses, or aren't wearing helmets or shoes.

We went on a hike out at the reservoir by Angat Dam.  Here's a boy fishing.    To me every day I've been here so far has been hot and humid, with no exceptions. (Sister Swift: I like the warm days except when there is high humidity.  I will really miss the nice weather when we leave here.  It is nice all year round and I never have to wear a sweater, jacket or coat.)

 Some of the local children.  They love to pose for pictures and giggle when you show it to them on the camera.  These children kept following us down the sidewalk wanting to do high-fives and have their picture taken, until finally some of their parents caught up with them and called them back.

 This is a Filipino family we saw out for a swim.

 I found this little frog at our house outside the back door.  This shows how small he is.

 Here's a close up.  He's quite cute.

 We went to a birthday party at the home of one of the members.  This is Ferdinand, a new convert in our ward.  They love to sing videoaoke.  Little Julieanne loved sitting on Sister Swift's lap.

 Here is Joyce in the middle who turned 19, with her parents Gina and Wilson.

 Jillian (four) singing karaoke.

 We went for a drive one day and took back roads home from San Ildefonso.  It took two hours but we saw some interesting sights and got on some pretty narrow roads and even some muddy dirt roads.  Most of the roads were concrete.

 One of their majestic white cows.

 Beautiful scenery.

A farmer plowing the rice field.  Not all of them use water buffalo.