Thursday, November 30, 2017


The best part of Thanksgiving is getting to be with family.  I think that's because family is what most people are the most thankful for.

 On Thanksgiving day Talitha and David had us over for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  David cooked the turkey, which was so moist and good, and Talitha made all kinds of delicious dishes to go with it.  Jacquelyn brought a dessert.  Caleb was with us too.  There were only 5 of us there to celebrate but we still had a great evening together.  After dinner we played a game of Clue.

 Mallory had a piano recital we attended.  She is learning fast.  I think she was a little nervous but once she started playing she did great.

On Friday morning Malachi and Layne had us over for a Thanksgiving brunch.  Also Caleb.  Andrew, Mallory and Spencer were all there too.  Then on Sunday we had a second Thanksgiving dinner over at Malachi and Layne's house.  The food was delicious, especially potato side dish.  Two turkey dinners this year, it was great.  Soon we hope to see our other children and grandchildren too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  We are so grateful for everyone and so proud of everyone.  We have been so blessed and we love you all.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Vetrans Day

Saturday was Veterans Day and we are both veterans from the Air Force.

Captain Jacquelyn Swift entered the Air Force in September 1978.  She was a Cost Analysis Officer and served at Los Angeles AFS in California and then McConnell AFB in Kansas.

Captain Douglas Swift entered the Air Force on June 1, 1977 after attending the United States Air Force Academy.  He was an Astronautical Engineer and served at Williams Air Force Base in Airzona and then Los Angeles AFS in California.

Also Loren Keith Swift was a veteran in the Army Air Corps and was a bombardier.  Nathanael is a JAG in the the Army right now and will be a veteran when he gets out.  Below are some old photos.

 This is us at a formal military function in our official Mess Dress uniforms.

 Captain Swift in front of a helicopter.

 Lt. Swift at her desk at SAMSO.

 At our wedding cutting the cake.

 Sabre honor guard after the wedding.

 Senior picture at the Air Force Academy.

Lt. Swift's professional records photo.  Doesn't she look fabulous.

There were a lot of restaurants that were offering free food to veterans to honor those that served, so this year we decided to take them up on it.  It was really nice of them and we went to a variety of places on Friday and Sunday and both got to eat for free.  It was fun.  Thank you to those establishments.

Breakfast - Denny's
Lunch - IHOP
Dinner - BJ's

Breakfast - Panera Bread
Lunch - Red Robin
Dinner - Olive Garden
Dessert - Menchies Yogurt

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Air Force Academy 40th Reunion

I went to my college reunion last month at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.  It was fun to see the old sights where I went to school for 4 years and also some of my good friends.

 Me with Rich Masse on the terazzo at the Air Force Academy.  Rich was my best friend there.  We went through our Doolie year together, were roommates at times, and stayed friends throughout the four years.  I was glad he came also and we got to hang out during the reunion.

 On Thursday I flew in to Denver and caught a bus down to Colorado Springs to the hotel.  We had registration and a reception there that first night.

 On Friday we got to tour around the campus.  This is the main cadet area which surrounds a grassy field and terrazzo.  In the evening we had a Class Banquet.

 The cadet chapel is the most well known landmark.  We attended a memorial there for our classmates who have passed away.

 This is the dorm where I lived for the upper class three years, Sijon Hall.  My squadron was at the back of the third floor.

 I was in 39th Squadron.  We even got to go inside.  You had to live in the dorms all four years and you weren't allowed to have cars until your Senior year.  You did get to be pretty good friends with your squadron classmates.

 My first year, Doolie Year, I was in Evil Eight Squadron in Vandenberg Hall.

 This shows the air gardens.  The building in the background is Mitchell Hall where we ate our meals.

 Inside Mitchell Hall.  Each table seated 10 cadets.  You typically had three or four Doolies at the table to serve the upperclassmen.

 This shows the cadet gymnasium and beyond that the cadet field house.

 The cadets were doing combat field exercise training. 

This is Fairchild Hall which was the academic building where all of our classes were and the cadet library.  I majored in Astronautical Engineering.

 On Saturday we got to attend a football games.  At the start of each game several squads of cadets march into the stadium.

 Air Force was playing the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  It was terrible the first half and they were behind 3 to 30.  But the second half they caught up and won the game 34 to 30.  It was an exciting game and I had fun wandering around the stadium.

 They even have female cheer leaders now.

 The Air Force mascot is a falcon.  He performed at half time but this time flew off and didn't take the lure.  He came back though and I got a picture of him down behind the bleachers.

The final event Saturday was squadron dinners. The 39th Squadron met at a pizza restaurant in Colorado Springs.  Me with Mike Levenhagen, Jimbo Welshans, Randy Martinez, Flip Feeley, Mark Cochran, Kurk Taylor, Ron Stich, Jim Ilse, and Jeff Remington.

I had a good time at the reunion.  It was a unique and great experience going to college at the Academy.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

We had a fun time at Halloween yesterday.  We decorated the front porch and the inside of the house some, and had 37 Trick-or-Treaters come by.

 The highlight of the day was when Andrew, Mallory, and Spencer came to the door.  They showed us their costumes and got candy and stayed for ice cream cone cup cakes and a game of Othello.

 We also got to see some of our other children and grandchildren via the Internet.  Here's some pictures in the order we saw them.  Jonathan had the best costume of all.

 Penelope, Tucker, Leon, Doranda, Calista, Scarlett, and Bob in Japan.

Joslyn, Dorian, Kim, and Isaac in Minnesota.

 Jacob, Jonathan, and Hannah in Utah.

Elliott, Christian, Ethan, Asher, Julia, and Agnes in Idaho.

Also Great-great-grandpa in Arizona.  I'll add more pictures if we see any more from other family members on the Internet.  Halloween is fun.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Caleb's Birthday and Halloween

Caleb had a birthday last week and turned 24.

 We had a celebration for Caleb.  Talitha came over and also Malachi with Layne, Andrew, Mallory and Spencer.

 We had a great dinner that Caleb had made before and coached Mom on how to make.  Baked chicken breasts covered with crunchy chips and sour cream sauce, and lettuce and tomato.  Also crab dip, fruit salad, potato casserole and punch.

 The cake was absolutely delicious - chocolate cake with raspberry filling, raspberries on top, and hard chocolate all around the outside.

 The cake was so good, with ice cream on top.

 We've been getting ready for Halloween.  Pumpkin Head man is back, and he brought a pet spider with him this year.

 One evening we went to a pumpkin patch with Malachi and his family.

 Mallory and Andrew by a corn maze.

 Spencer with the pumpkins.

 Malachi photo bombing a picture.

 Also I found some older pictures that never got posted of us making waffle treats between sessions of General Conference.

 Here's Spencer, each person got to pick out their own toppings.

 Mallory seems pleased with her waffle creation.

 Talitha knows how to make a good one.

Caleb's takes the prize for the most artistic.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Andrew's Birthday

We went to a party to celebrate Andrew's birthday at his home last week.  Caleb and Talitha also came.  We also went to the Primary Program at his ward, Silver Creek Ward, and saw Andrew, Mallory, and Spencer say their parts and sing.  Spencer especially seemed to really enjoy singing and stood right in front and sang his heart out.

 Andrew turned eleven years old.  We had a fun time at his birthday celebration.

He's growing up fast and is turning into a fine young man.

Happy Birthday Andrew.  We love you and are happy you are our grandson.