Friday, January 4, 2013

Ball Games

One day while people were up visiting for the holidays we went up to the church building and played some ball games.  First we had a big game of kickball.  Then we played indoor football.  And finally a few of us played basketball.  We did a lot while our company was here.  I took some pictures and Amery took some pictures.  You can browse though some of the photos below.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had lots of company up for Christmas and then the big highlight was Isaac's wedding to Kim.  The house was full of family and it was great.  We are so lucky to have each other.

 Christmas tree - Malachi, Andrew, Isaac, Kim, Mallory, Ashton, Dallon, and James.

Opening presents - Evan, Doranda, Ashton, Bob, Layne, Mallory, Jacquelyn, Talitha, David, James, Tucker, Malachi, and Andrew.

 More presents - Caleb and Evan.

The children got the chance to watch lots of TV, mostly Christmas shows.  Scarlett, James, Evan, Penelope, Ashton and Tucker.

 One day we went to see some reindeer at Watson's nursery.

 They had two reindeer and they had had huge racks of horns.

 Watching the reindeer - Penelope, Scarlett, Tucker, James, Tianna, Caleb and Jacquelyn.

 One day the children made ginger bread houses - Tucker, Penelope, Scarlett and James.

 Some of them got pretty fancy on their houses - Dallen, Ashton, Tucker, Doranda and Bob.

 Jacquelyn made lots of treats and snacks for everyone.

 This dessert log was especially good.

 Ice cream cone cakes - Dallen, Ashton and Evan.

We played tons and tons of games, especially the adults, but here's Scarlett and Penelope playing a game with two elves.

 I also made up lots of puzzles and coloring sheets for the children - Scarlett, Penelope, James and Mallory.  Also some riddles and logic puzzles for the adults.

Penelope got this cool scooter - Penelope and Jacob.  We also took the kids on lots of walks with scooters and the wagon and played some football outside.

 Christmas dinner was great - Evan, Jacquelyn, Talitha, Dallen, Joshua and Ethan.

 We set up three tables - Penelope, Scarlett, Mallory, Andrew, Tucker and James.

 Evan, Ashton, Ethan, Jacob, Mary-Anne, Nathanael, Amery, Dallen.

Jacquelyn, Jim, Isaac and Kim.  That enough pictures for this post.  More later.