Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scarett Baby Blessing and more

We all went over to Doranda's to see Scarlett get her baby blessing.

This is Scarlett. She seems like a happy baby.

It was also Tucker's birthday. He is four years old and growing fast. He had a Spiderman cake and several cousins over to help him celebrate.

We also celebrated Father's Day. Here's Jim and Evan and Molly and Ashton and Tianna.

Here's Malachi's son and Malachi.

Here is James and Molly.

Here is Talitha and John.

Here is Evan and Tucker.

Here is Amery and Scarlett.

Here is Penelope and Jacquelyn and Scarlett and James.

Here is Tucker.

Here is Jarom. On Thursday he got his Mission Call and he is going to go on a mission to Chile.

Here is Caleb, Bob, Jim, Jarom, Tianna, Amery, Ashton, Doranda, Evan, James and Tucker. It was a fun visit. Thank you to Doranda and Bob for having us all over.