Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mallory's Birthday

Mallory turned four years old and came over to our house for a small birthday celebration.

 Mallory is about to blow out her candles.  Hope she made a good wish, I'm sure it will come true.

Her brother Andrew was here also.  Birthday's are fun, but more so for the one getting all the attention.

 Aunt Talitha baked and decorated some giant sugar cookies to go with the birthday cake.

 There was chocolate ice cream too.  Lots of goodies to eat.

 Also some presents for Mallory.

She loved her Dora the Explorer doll.  And we love Mallory.  She is one special little girl.  Happy Birthday Mallory.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jacob's Baby Blessing

We had a nice trip to Lehi, Utah to meet little Jacob watch him get his baby blessing at church.  It was last month, but our computer has been out for repair so we're just now getting the chance to post some pictures.

Here's mom and dad with Jacob.  He's really a cute baby and very good natured.

This is his bedroom all fixed up just for him.

Nathanael and Mary-Anne hosted a small party for Jacob and for neighbors and friends to come over and meet him.  (We know our pictures are getting bad, we really need a new camera.)

Here's Jacquelyn with her newest grandson.