Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Car vs. Camera and other events

Elder Swift ran over the camera.  He must have left it on top of the car when he backed out of the driveway.  Then it fell onto the concrete street out front and probably got ran over.

 The display was totally ruined.  So all the rest of the pictures on this blog were either taken with a tablet or our video camera.

 There was a wild boa constrictor just outside our front gate where the road goes over this small swampy river area.  A boy was poking it with a bamboo stick to keep it from escaping.  Elder Swift thought it was really cool.

We went on a hike to WaWa Dam with the other Senior missionaries last Friday.  Here are a few of the pictures.  The Senior missionaries try to do an outing about once a month. The first picture is the actual dam.

This is a bird's eye view of the little shelters built right out on the water.  I think you can rent them for a small fee and spend the day in the water.  They mostly just had a picnic table like set-up inside. There are a couple of people sitting on the dam. The next picture also shows some of the same type of bamboo shelters upstream the river.

Above we have a couple of young men hitting a ball around and below we have a picture of Elder Swift on a little foot bridge to an island area.

Above you can see the modern bathroom facilities that are available on the little island that was in the river. 

The district had a valentine dance for the young men and women.  Below is a picture of most of the dance attendees.
Each branch performed a dance that they had practiced.  Our branch did the waltz and the Cha-cha.
Below some of the YW and I.

While on the hike I bought a cacao fruit.  This is how it looks when it is picked off the tree.
Inside are the jellied covered seeds.  These you suck on to get the jelly off (kind of like pomegranate seeds).  They taste pretty good.
After the outside is eaten off then you see the seed that is used for chocolate.  You need to peel off the outer layer to see the basic cacao.  It really doesn't taste that great without being processed with sugar and dairy, but this is the form that is healthy for you.  By the time it is processed much of the goodness is gone and the sugar makes it not healthy anymore, even if it is dark chocolate.
The top seed is not yet peeled and the bottom one is partially peeled. I never knew that chocolate started out in a huge pod.  I might try to make something with the chocolate.