Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 Swift Family Reunion 10

The last thing we did for family reunion was a devotional on Saturday night organized by Tianna and Jim and then on Sunday we went to church with Malachi's family in Lakewood.

Doranda took this photograph of all the grandchildren on the steps of the church building.  We are missing Jarom and Dallen.  I also took an individual picture of each grandchild.

















Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 Swift Family Reunion 9

Our next activity was water games.

 Julia with a super soaker, high powered, squirt gun.  Run for your lives.

 Isaac and Kim were in charge of organizing this activity.  We started out with a water balloon toss.

We also played a game where you had to catch the water balloons with a towel and then throw them at others.  Nathanael, Ashton, Evan and Amery were on a team.

 Kim, Doranda, Bob and Tucker.

Great food all through the whole extended weekend.  One morning we had sausage casserole and cinnamon bread.

 Everyone was getting wet.

 Joshua on a team with Julia, Christian and Ethan.

 Nathanael, Amery, Evan and Ashton.

 Then we played 500 with water balloons.  It was a lot of fun except for one accident where Dallen got hurt.
Isaac handing out water balloons.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2013 Swift Family Reunion 8

Today we had a Field Day activity.

Joshua and Rebecca were organizing the events.  We started out at Sunrise Elementary fields.  The first event was a race.

There were age brackets.  In this race you have Mallory, James, Julia, Tucker, and Ethan.  James won the race.

In a younger group was Jacob and Elliott.

Another group had Penelope and Christian.

An older group had Evan and Ashton.

Then you had a race with the grown women.  Although she started slowly, Doranda won the race and Amery was second.

In the men's race Nathanael won with Isaac a close second.  I was dead last.

The next event was a tug of war with four different teams.

We had old and young all mixed together.

Then there was a throwing contest.  Penelope was first.

Christain throwing the ball.

Jacob taking a throw.

A whole group of kids throwing, Mallory, Penelope, Tucker, Ethan, James, Ashton, Evan.

Older kids, Dallen, Evan, and Ashton.  Dallen had the best throw of all the kids.

The women all throwing, Talitha, Tianna, Kim, Rebecca, Amery, Jacquelyn, Doranda, Mary-Anne.  I think Rebecca had the longest.

Bob throwing for the men.

Nathanael throwing, he won this contest too.

Isaac had the best style.

It was so hot we retreated back to the house where there was water and finished in the backyard.  We did the limbo next.

Amery really knew how to do the limbo.  Does it still count if you hair drags the ground?

Isaac doing the limbo.

Then we had a standing broad jump.  Here's Mallory.

Ashton doing a jump.

 Isaac doing a jump.  I think Joshua won this and Isaac got second in every contest.

Mallory and Penelope and Christian.

The last even was three-legged races.  Tianna with Andrew and Nathanael with Evan.

Nathanael and Evan again.

Jim and Ashton.

Nathanael and Mary-Anne.

Bob and Doranda against Jim and Tianna  and Amery with someone, for the champioship.  Doranda and Bob won.

It was really a fun activity.  Here's Ethan showing off the gold, silver, and bronze medals he won.