Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a very busy time with Christmas and celebrating with family this year. We wanted this year especially to try and keep in mind the reason for Christmas, which is to celebrate the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ and all that means to us. We enacted a small family Christmas pagent with the grandchildren.

Grandpa read the story out of the Bible. The three wise men were Tucker, James and Ashton. Evan was the angel.

We even convinced Jarom and Amery to play a role and they were Joseph and Mary.

Of course we had opening of presents on Christmas morning, which is really exciting for the children. Tianna with Jim, Amery, Dallen, Evan, Aston, James, and we even had Jarom here on Christmas break from college.


Talitha and John.

Doranda with Bob, Tucker and Penelope.



Then we had the annual family talent show. Here's John.

Tucker played harmonica and sang.

Bob and Doranda had a skit that was incredibly funny.


We did Skipe to talk to and see Joshua and Rebecca. Julia, Ethan, and Christian. They watched the talent show and participated with some talents of their own. We also talked to Nathanael and Mary-Anne on the phone several times over the holidays. We also got the chance to talk to our parents (the Great-Grandparents) in Arizona. Wish we could of seen everyone in person but it's not always possible. We also had a very long phone call with Isaac who is on a mission in Japan and talked for almost a hour and a half. He seems to be doing well but we miss him.

We did several other activities too. One of which was dinner at the Outback for the adults, all of which was made possible by presents and gift cards. Thank you everyone.

Jim and I made a trip up to the Seattle temple and did a sesson one morning.

Malachi and Layne joined us at the Outback and they brought two special visitors over to visit at the house one day. We had a great time with Sergio and Andrea (I probably have the spelling wrong) and hope to be seeing a lot more of them in the future. They are wonderful little kids.

We were launching rockets on two different morings. Dallen got a new rocket for Christmas.

Caleb had a rocket too and the launch pad. He knew how it all worked and was the only one of us that had done any before.

This was a miraculous photograph to actually capture the rocket in the milli-second right after ignition.

It was fun chasing down the rockets after they parachuted back to ground.

Dallen caught one of his before it even touched the ground. Although the first one we had to go a long way to retrieve and even had to climb a fence since it blew clear out of the Meadows.

We were doing some wood building too for a couple of days. Evan made a tool box for his Dad.

This was the big project. Bob, with some help from me and others, made a new mantle for the fireplace. It looks absolutely great.

That's all for Christmas this year. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.