Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Early Christmas Celebration

We had an early Christmas celebration this last weekend when several of the children and their family could all get together with us in Puyallup.

 We had Caleb, Doranda, Bob, Tucker, Penelope, Scarlett, Leon, Malachi, Layne, Andrew, Mallory, Talitha, David, Tianna, Jim, Evan, Ashton, and James.

 Everyone was here at the house so we decided to open some Christmas presents.

 We had a good time taking turns giving gifts.  The children especially had so much fun.

 Malachi and Jim and Andrew and Ashton.

 Doranda with her girls and also you can see Malachi's two.

 Talitha and David.

 We had lots of snacks and we had some nice desserts.

 Here's a closeup which looks a little more appetizing.

 Tianna's dog Molly had some new puppies which she brought along because they were too young to leave at home.

 Then we went to a Ward Christmas party at Malachi's ward in Lakewood.

 Layne was in charge of putting it all together and it was really good.  Beautiful decorations, great food, and a nice program.  She worked so hard.

 On Sunday we saw Dallen perform with his choir on a choir trip across the mountains to Lynwood for a Christmas performance.

 There was so much going on this week.  Malachi and Layne have a tradition for Christmas they help the children decorate cookies for Malachi to take into work.

Every cookie is different.  The fun was in making the different designs.