Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ralph Calvin Rucker

My father passed away yesterday morning.  We all loved him very much and will miss him.  He was a great father.  Here are some pictures of him with various family members.

 Here's a picture of me with Mom and Dad taken just a few months ago.

 Dad with all his girls - Linda, Rosemerry, Jacquelyn, Cathi, Conni, and Mom.

 Dad as a handsome young man.

 Dad and Mom with granddaughter Doranda.

 Dad with granddaughter Melissa.

 Mom and Dad with granddaughter Tianna.

 Mom and Dad in their home in Apache Junction.

 Dad with great-granddaughter Hannah.

 Dad with grandson Joshua.

 Dad and Mom with grandsons Malachi and Joshua.

 Dad relaxing at home with his loving wife.

 Dad with his grandson Isaac.

 Dad in his favorite easy chair.

 Me with Dad and Mom and Conni.

 Dad and Mom with grandchildren Tianna, Talitha, Joshua, and Nathanael.

Mom and Dad in front of their home in Apache Junction.

 A very recent picture of Dad taken just a few weeks ago.

 Dad and Mom together.

Dad with Mom and me and Linda, Conni, Cathi, Duane, and Roger.  Thanks for being such a great father to us all.  We shall miss you.

Ralph Calvin Rucker video

This is a video of Dad that Duane gave us.