Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scarlett's birthday

Scarlett turned one year old and we went to her birthday party.  She had a yellow cake and a yellow dress.

Doranda put a bunch of objects in front of her in a line.  The idea is to see which one she crawls to and picks up - and that predicts what she will like doing when she is grown up.  There were things like money, a race car, a hair pin, a tooth brush, etc .  She picked up the ruler.  So I guess Scarlett might want to be an engineer.  By the way, her dad is an engineer.  Both granddad's are engineers.  And one of her great-granddads is even an engineer.

Scarlett got lots of presents and lots of interested people wanting to see what she got.

Here is Scarlett with brother and sister, Tucker and Penelope.

Here is Scarlett with her own birthday cake.  As per the tradition she got to eat out of the cake first, without help.  I won't show the mess she made, but she sure enjoyed it.

Happy Birthday Scarlett.  Congratulations on turning one year old.  We love you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super Moon

Last night was a Super Moon.  The moon was full and it is low to the horizon and we heard it is closest to the Earth this time of year right now in it's orbit.  So it looks extremely large compared to normal.  Unfortunately my camera's not very good and gets a lot of glare and you can't see how pretty it really was.  All the background just came out black.  Maybe Doranda could take a much better picture with her camera.

Andrew the T-Ball Player

We got to go see one of Andrew's T-ball games.  He seemed to have a lot of fun.

 Andrew hitting the ball.
 Andrew running the bases.
 Andrew playing in the outfield.