Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow and a Dog

We got snow today and we have a dog staying with us.

 This is Marty McFly.  He's staying with us while everyone looks for a home for him.

 We got our fist real snow of the year.  A couple of inches of snow that are supposed to melt by tomorrow.  It's fun when it doesn't last very long and it's not very cold out.

 The backyard.  Everything is so neat looking all white and clean.

 Marty seem to think it's okay to walk on the pond now that it's frozen.

 Marty is a Pomapoo.  He was one of Molly's puppies.  She is trying to sell him.

 He's really cute and furry.  He likes to play and is really small.

 Marty relaxing on the couch.

Doesn't anyone want to adopt little Marty?