Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spider Fighting

We had another baptism.  They are trying to have a baptism every week on Saturdays.

 Joren, who is eleven years old, got baptized.  Here he is with his family and the elders that taught him, Elder Pelinggon and Elder Uele.

One morning we noticed some children across the street playing with spiders.  They keep them in little boxes with separate containers for each spider.

 Then they fight the spiders against each other.  They put them on the same stick and let them fight. (This is an example picture off the internet.  We have seen them do it but don't have any actual fighting pictures.)

When one spider wants to give up he lets go of the stick and drops down on a silk strand but they lift him back up onto the stick to fight some more.  Once we saw some children at in the hall at church fighting their spiders.  And we've seen them with the spider boxes on more than one occasion.