Saturday, June 20, 2015

Joshua visiting for the summer

Joshua and his family are visiting for the summer while their new house in Pocatello, Idaho is being built.

 Two brothers, Elliott and Christian.

 Two sisters, Agnes and Julia.


We have a trampoline in the backyard now.  It's Malachi's.  Christian has a towel and swimsuit because he's been playing in the water sprinklers.

 We've had great sunny weather and the kids have liked playing in the backyard.

 Christian and Julia on the exercise trail at Wildwood Park.

 They floated little boats down the stream.

 Christian and Ethan.

Agnes getting her feet wet.  We're having a lot of fun with the grand kids.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Talitha and David

We spent the afternoon at Talitha's house and had a party to celebrate Talitha and David's birthday, which are only a week apart.

 Talitha and David, the birthday couple.  It was sunny and hot and the weather was perfect for an outdoor party.

 David cooked individually made pizza on the grill.  Everyone put their own topping on a crust Talitha made and it turned out great.

 They had a tarp set up over the table with all the food.  Talitha, Penelope, Scarlett, and Agnes.

 Christian with some punch.

 Leon with a snack.

 Agnes getting her own water.  She likes to carry cups around.

 After the pizza it was time for some games.  Jacquelyn playing lawn Yahtzee.

 Julia's turn.

Who took this picture?  Can't a person take a nap in peace?

 Joshua and Christian.

 I played a game of catch the kids where you had to catch them and put them in this base here and the ones still loose tried to tag and free the captured ones.  Joshua had to take over after they wore me out.

Happy birthday Talitha and David and thanks for having us over for a great party.  Hope you both have a great great year.