Sunday, May 29, 2016

Temple and RS Women's Day

We went on a temple trip with the Branch on Friday. Two sisters were going for their first time. Here is a picture of Gina, Sister Swift, and Gemma (it was Gemma's first time).

The next three pictures show the type of traffic you can see around Manila. I don't know how that  little motorcycle engine can pull so much.
 This trike is really loaded down.

 When the jeepneys are full, people just hang on the back, even going down busy city roads (and in America we think it unsafe if you don't put your seat belt on).

 Here's a tall version of the typical trikes that we normally see a lot of.  We saw this one in Metro Manila.

On Saturday the Baliwag District held it's Relief Society Women's Day.  Here is a picture of the sisters from the San Ildefonso Branch that attended.

 They held contests, including some that occurred outside.  This is the Baliwag District Center parking lot, which doubles as a basketball court.

 Sister Joyce from our Branch in a race for the finish line.

 They had a makeover contest.  Our Young Women choose  to do the makeover on Sister Swift.

 This is our make-over artist, Sister Camille, with her finished product.

          Before                                             After