Sunday, October 2, 2016

Malacanang Palace

For a Senior Missionary outing this month we went on a tour of Malacanang Palace, which is the Presidential Palace of the Philippines.

 We started out meeting for lunch at Max's Chicken Restaurant, outside the palace gate.  We were waiting for our tour time and for all the couples to arrive.  This is Sister Rogers, Bremner, and Swift.  The Bremners are new here in the mission.  They live just down the street from us in Baliwag and are from Canada.

 The front of Malacanang Palace as we started the tour.

 Inside the palace was the presidential library.

 Nice wood work and elaborate molding designs.

 This is our tour guide who was very knowledgeable and funny.  She made the tour extra interesting.  This is the famous balcony where Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos gave their defiant last address to the Filipino people before fleeing the country to go into exile.

 A conference room where the chief ministers used to meet.

 Sister Swift and I on a marbled walkway.

Afterwards we went over to the Mission home and had a pizza party.  Bertins, Harringtons, Bremners, Swifts, Broadheads, Rogers.

 On Saturday we had a youth activity.  They build a big fire in the vacant lot next door and burned all the extra books and papers from cleaning out the library and file cabinets.  Then they roasted marshmallows.

Some had never heard of smores before but definitely liked the idea. Some of the youth already knew about them.

The next day I got sick and have been in bed most of the week.  Sister Swift had been sick a few days earlier, but she recovered quicker.  I even had to get x-rays and they said I have pneumonia.

Then on Saturday we had the baptism of Joshua Narbato (third from left) by Micoh one of the Priest in the branch.  The missionaries are Rasmussen, Arcayos, Jucutan, and Pelinggon.