Thursday, April 9, 2015


For Easter we celebrate the day Jesus Christ over come death and rose from the grave.  He took upon him the pain of our sins so we too could rise from death also and return to heaven and have forgiveness of our sins.

We keep this in remembrance throughout the day.  We also had LDS General Conference this weekend so we were able to listen to talks by church leaders from home.

We also did some Easter Egg hunting for the children.



 Tucker.  They stayed the night so first thing in the morning they got to find three eggs each.

 Leon.  We did a big Easter Egg hunt in the afternoon.

 Penelope found a giant egg.  Talitha and David brought over some of the biggest eggs you've ever seen for the kids.


 Penelope and Scarlett.



 The adults watched from the deck.  They had an Easter Egg hunt too that was organized by Caleb.

 Tucker and Andrew.  They were a little less calm in their hunting for eggs.




We also celebrated Leon's birthday with presents and a cake.

Baseball cake.

Easter is a good time to remember what Jesus did for us and to be with family.  Thank you Caleb, Doranda, Bob, Tucker, Penelope, Scarlett, Leon, Malachi, Layne, Andrew, Mallory, Talitha, and David for sharing Easter with us, and for those we talked to on the phone also.