Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ball season, what fun

Spring and summer are here and with it ball season.  The grandson's that are old enough to play ball sure have a lot of fun and we've been able to attend some of the games.

 I'll go in order of the ones we got to see the least, which was a function of distance this year.  Ashton's soccer team won first place and he's really good.  I've played soccer with him on some visits.  We didn't get to any of his games this year and this is the only picture I have.  See previous year's blogs for some.  Evan was playing soccer too and is the star of his team and scores the most goals.  Also James on a sports team.  Maybe next year can get to some more of their games.
 Tucker was playing his first year of T-ball.  We only got out there to one game but at least we saw him play.  He seemed to be really having a lot of fun.

 Tucker running the bases and heading for home.

 Tucker's dad was the coach which really made it special for him I'm sure.

 Tucker warming up to bat.

 Tucker at bat.

 Tucker's two sisters Penelope and Scarlett came to his games to root him on, when they weren't distracted by playing in the dirt that is.

 Andrew played baseball also.  His team got second place, see here with trophy.  They were playing pitch baseball and had a league with playoffs and everything.

 Andrew out in the field throwing in the ball.  We went to a lot of his games.  They played in Puyallup right down the street from us on Shaw Road.

 Andrew had his sister Mallory there to root for him also.

 Andrew getting ready to bat.

 Andrew takes a mighty swing.  He was one of the big batters on the team and has a good eye for hitting.

It's so much fun.  I really miss the days when I had little ball players at home.  Hope you grandson's, and granddaughters too, that are not playing now are practicing with your dads so you can play when you get older.