Thursday, October 4, 2012

Andrew's birthday

Andrew had his birthday party this last Saturday.  He is six years old and he had a huge party.

Layne and Malachi rented a covered picnic area at Bradley Lake Park and one of the ball fields.

There was tons of food and after everyone ate we played baseball.  Here is an interesting picture with Andrew playing first base and Tucker on the base after batting.

Now we have the reverse with Tucker playing first base and Andrew on the base after hitting.

Mallory got to bat too and has a nice swing.

She didn't take being out in the field as serious though.  Here she was playing third base.  Watch out Mallory the ball might come your way.

Then it was time for presents.

There was a great turn out at the party and Andrew got lots of presents.

I think he had a great time.  He certainly did seem happy.
Happy Birthday Andrew, we love you.