Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Visit to Mesa

Went down to Mesa on another trip to visit with my Dad.

 Got the chance to go visit my Dad again.  It's nice to get away for a while and relax down in the desert.

 He lives at Discovery Point in Mesa.  This is the front of the facility.

 It's an independent living place but they have a dining room and serve two meals a day, breakfast and dinner.  It's different each day and they come around and serve you at your table.

 One thing Dad does is go for two walks each day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  The weather was great and it was so nice to be out.

 We did go out to eat twice.  We went to Red Lobster for dinner one evening.

 For breakfast one morning we went to IHop and got rotii totii pancakes.

One morning we went to the Swap Meet.  It was an open covered place and it wasn't too crowded on a Friday.  Dad got a car duster.

 We did watch a lot of TV.  We got to watching Chicago Fire in particular and must have watched 6 or 7 episodes.

 One night we went to bingo back at Leisure World.  Here's dad with two friends that lived by their old house in Mesa.

 Bingo game in process.

I had a great time.  Thanks Dad.