Monday, January 18, 2016

Car Wreck

On Tuesday we were involved in an accident.  We're weren't hurt, but our car got smashed up pretty bad.

 Our back bumper and trunk are totally crunched in. We could not open the trunk and the back doors were really hard to open.

 We were driving down the main road and had to make a sudden stop.  A cargo truck rear ended us.  Luckily we didn't get hurt.

 Even the big truck had damage.  After the wreck we pulled off the road and got out to exchange driver's licenses, but the truck just stayed in the middle of the road.  That's the way they do it the Philippines, you stay put until the police arrive to witness the crash scene.

 We had to go down the police station.  The police were very friendly. This is our investigative officer.  He decided the truck was at fault and filled out a police report.  All in English.

  We were able to drive the car home since the wreckage didn't touch the tires.  The next day the Area Office sent someone to pick up the car.  It was a 2016 new car too.  They gave us an older loaner.

We saw two jail cells at the police station.  You can't see inside, but there were about 20 prisoners crammed into each cell.  It was grim.  You don't want to get arrested in the Philippines.  Visitors were hanging around outside the cells.  Then on the way out we noticed women in the same cells with the men.

On Saturday the District had the YW New Beginnings activity.  We have about 6 or 7 active young women in our branch.  This picture is at the Baliwag building which is the District Center building also.  I, along with two of the other leaders, are working on the Personal Progress program with the YW.  Hopefully I can earn a new medallion and the Honor Bee.